Tohloppi Tour Skating Track was born in 2016. At the time, Auraaja (=plowman) thought, that it would be nice to go outdoors with the family, but there were no winter sports facilities in Tampere, Epilä and something had to be done. Tohloppi Tour Skating Track was born.

Tohloppi Tour Skating Track has offered a possibility for children, schoolchildren and adults to skate on natural ice on the lake of Tohloppi already for several seasons.

Operations and services on the track have been developed over the years and further development is ongoing. Rental shop and a café are available on the Track, and popular free of charge events are organised around the year.

Tohloppi Tour Skating Track’s main goal is to create a good atmosphere, make people move with a positive attitude and to bring a smile on their face.

Vogue Skandinavia has listed the best skating places in Scandinavia and Tohloppi Tour Skating Track is on the list. Read  the full article.

Starting from 2020, the activities continued in the summer under the name Tohloppi Wake. In the summer, visitors can engage in wakeboarding and rent stand-up paddleboards (SUP). Since 2021, T3Park has also joined the activities, offering incredibly fun water activities for people of all ages. T3Park is a massive water park on the surface of the water in South Park, Tampere, and Vesaniemi, Kangasala.

We aim to provide local sports and year-round fun by the shore.

Let’s meet and greet!

-Auraaja / Plowman